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Husky Leadership Initiative

HLI Project Committees

HLI Project Committees

  • Curricular leadership education
  • U Lead We Lead 2017
  • Leadership Firesides
  • Husky Spring Training
  • Husky Leadership Certificate
  • Emerging Leaders Retreat

We believe that collaboration amongst the many leadership development and education efforts across campus will collectively strengthen our ability to make leadership education more accessible, explicit and comprehensive.  The Husky Leadership Initiative (HLI) Committee is comprised of dedicated students, faculty and staff members who help guide HLI’s work while developing content and providing support for key programming efforts.  HLI Committee members join one of the following project committees:

Curricular leadership education

This committee will envision and develop curricular leadership education opportunities, primarily for undergraduate students.  This committee will address questions including: How do HLI’s current curricular efforts (e.g. BA/GEN ST 391, Collegium Seminars, Leadership E-portfolio course, and Leadership Firesides course) tie together?  How can we further promote an academic inquiry of leadership concepts from disciplinary perspectives and in the field of leadership studies itself?  How do we partner with faculty across campus to make leadership explicit in their curriculum/discipline? How can HLI support the creation of new undergraduate courses that explicitly focus on leadership concepts?  This committee will also support the design of a new 2017 Summer Leadership Institute.

Committee timeline: The curricular leadership education committee convenes beginning fall 2016 through summer 2017.

U Lead We Lead 2017

U Lead We Lead is the Husky Leadership Initiative’s annual signature event that kicks of the year by bringing together students, faculty and staff to engage in a conversation about leadership. Local corporate, academic and non-profit community leaders share their personal journeys and lessons learned about leadership from their fields in this inspiring and interactive event.

The U Lead We Lead project committee designs program content, coordinates event logistics and oversees event publicity. Specific committee responsibilities include:

  • Identify and invite U Lead We Lead speakers.
  • Recruit and prepare faculty/staff/student table captains to facilitate small group discussions.
  • Coordinate event logistics including participant check-in process and meal logistics.
  • Publicize event and recruit student participants.
  • Design program content including use of social media, event emcees preparation, and raffle prize procurement.

Committee timeline:  The U Lead We Lead 2017 committee convenes most frequently in spring 2017 through October 2017.

Howard Behar Leadership Conference 2014Leadership Firesides

Leadership Firesides present students with the opportunity to participate in smaller, dynamic conversations with a diverse range of civic, corporate and campus leaders in an informal setting. Community leaders share their personal journeys and perspectives on leadership and become momentary mentors for students attending the event. Leadership Firesides aim to identify opportunities for partnerships and co-sponsorships with campus departments and student organizations.

The Leadership Firesides project committee coordinates the 2016-2017 conversation series. Specific committee responsibilities include:

  • Identify opportunities to host Leadership Firesides with visiting community leaders/scholars.  Firesides take place during winter 2017.
  • Publicize Leadership Firesides series and recruit student participants.
  • Communicate with speakers regarding purpose of Firesides and event logistics.
  • Work with campus departments and student organizations to co-sponsor Firesides.
  • Coordinate event logistics including participant check-in process.

Committee timeline:  The Leadership Firesides committee convenes in summer 2016 through winter 2017.

Students tent pole Sean Ferris Leadership Conference 2014Husky Spring Training

Husky Spring Training is an annual campus-wide leadership training conference. Based on our belief that one’s capacity to lead grows out of experience, practice and reflection, Husky Spring Training gives students an opportunity to build and hone the leadership skills they need to make a difference in whatever context speaks to them.

The Husky Spring Training project committee designs program content, coordinates event logistics and oversees event publicity. Specific committee responsibilities include:

  • Design program content, including conference theme and keynote address.
  • Publicize call for workshop session proposals from students, faculty and staff.
  • Coordinate event logistics including participant check-in process and meal logistics.
  • Publicize event and recruit student participants.

Committee timeline: The Husky Spring Training committee convenes beginning fall 2016 through April 2017.


Husky Leadership Certificate

The Husky Leadership Certificate is a capstone experience for UW students to reflect upon their leadership development and articulate their understanding to a larger audience. Through the creation of a leadership e-portfolio, students identify, understand, define, articulate and demonstrate their leadership growth and accomplishments. To maximize their learning, students are matched with leadership mentors who help students reflect upon and give voice to their learning.

The Husky Leadership Certificate project committee overseas the overall administration of the 2016-2017 certificate process. Specific committee responsibilities include:

  • Publicize call for student applications in fall 2016 and host information sessions.
  • Select students for the 2016-2017 cohort and host orientation sessions and student workshops.
  • Recruit faculty, staff, community mentors and match mentors and mentees.
  • Host orientation sessions and meetings for mentees and mentors.
  • Coordinate final presentations through small group interviews and Spring Celebration of Service and Leadership oral sessions.
  • Coordinate portfolio review and feedback process.

Committee timeline: The Husky Leadership Certificate committee convenes beginning summer 2016 through spring 2017.

Emerging Leaders Retreat

The Emerging Leaders Retreat is an off-campus weekend retreat designed to help students build connections with other students, explore ways in which to define and practice leadership, develop strategies for transforming communities at the UW, and challenge themselves through experiential exercises in teamwork.  This project committee will help oversee the implementation of the 2017 Emerging Leaders Retreat.  Specific committee responsibilities include:

  • Articulate retreat goals and identify target audience based on community needs and asset assessment.
  • Coordinate retreat logistics, including transportation to site, meals and housing logistics.
  • Publicize event and recruit/select student participants.
  • Develop and administer program assessment survey.

Committee timeline: The Student Leadership Retreat committee convenes in fall 2016 through the event in winter 2017 (exact date TBD).