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Husky Leadership Initiative

Husky Leadership Certificate Mentor

Divya_ReneEach year we seek UW faculty, staff, and community members to serve as mentors for the Husky Leadership Certificate program. The goals of the Husky Leadership Certificate(HLC) are to recognize student leadership and engage students in a process of critical reflection on their leadership development and accomplishments. Students are matched with a Husky Leadership Certificate mentor and create an e-portfolio where they reflect upon, articulate, and demonstrate their leadership skills and abilities in relation to the Student Leadership Competencies. In their feedback, participating students have recognized the positive impact of their mentors and placed a high value on these relationships.

Become a Husky Leadership Certificate Mentor for 2017-18

Applications open in mid-October

Questions? Send us an email:

What does it mean to serve as a Husky Leadership Certificate mentor?

Mentorship is an invaluable component of the Husky Leadership Certificate program. Mentors not only guide the student through the program but also provide opportunities for critical reflection leading to enhanced learning and growth.

  • Mentors are matched with one UW undergraduate student and agree to meet with the student about twice a month between January and May to provide feedback and guidance on the student’s e-portfolio development.
  • Students complete their leadership portfolios in spring quarter and present their work during the annual Spring Celebration of Service and Leadership or in a small group interview.
  • The approximate time commitment to serve as a Husky Leadership Certificate mentor is 2-4 hours per month.

Several examples of Husky Leadership Certificate student e-portfolios can be found here.

“A mentor is someone who can challenge you to grow, invite you to reflect and encourage you to trust in your ability to accomplish your goals. Every student needs these three things for their own personal development.” –former Husky Leadership Certificate mentor

Marissa_SusanThank you very much for your ongoing support of student leadership development! If you have any questions about serving as a mentor, please email