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Husky Leadership Initiative


Orientation leader helps new studentsHusky Leadership Initiative programs are designed to reach students at multiple points, times, locations and ways. From programs that are broad-based and short-term to opportunities that are in-depth and ask for an extended commitment, we provide many ways for students to discover and develop their own style of leadership.

U Lead, We Lead: a campus-wide conversation about leadership

At the first U Lead We Lead event in the fall of 2012, Rabbi Will Berkovitz, vice president for Repair the World, asked students to consider, “Who are you? Who are you becoming? Who do you want to be, and why is that what you want to become?”

They are great questions for an event that asks students to think about and discuss what it means to be a leader. In addition to lively conversation among peers, local leaders offer inspiration through their personal stories and leadership perspectives.

U Lead We Lead takes place in fall quarter.

Leadership Firesides

Firesides are cozy gatherings that use storytelling as a method of learning about leadership. Students hear leadership perspectives first-hand from civic, corporate and campus leaders who share their personal journeys. Speakers come from an array of backgrounds and hold a range of leadership philosophies. This diversity helps students identify and develop the skills and knowledge to be effective leaders while they are students and beyond.

Husky Leadership Certificate

Through the Husky Leadership Certificate, students identify, articulate, and show their leadership accomplishments.

Students create an e-portfolio in which they demonstrate their growth and accomplishments as leaders. To get there, students are matched with a leadership mentor who helps the student reflect upon and give voice to their leadership development. The broader community can learn about these students’ experiences at the Spring Celebration of Service and Leadership.

“Spring Training” Leadership Conference

As major league baseball players begin the baseball season, students can get ready for their own leadership practice and growth. Students who participate in this leadership conference build their skills to become more effective and reflective leaders.

The conference will offer workshops and plenary sessions to more than 200 students from across campus.

Emerging Leaders Retreat

The Emerging Leaders Retreat is an opportunity for students who are hoping to explore their leadership potential and make connections with other UW students. This off-campus retreat allows students to explore ways in which to define and practice leadership and to develop strategies for transforming their communities both within and outside of the UW.

Leadership Commons

The Leadership Commons is a virtual hub for leadership growth. Included here are leadership opportunities from across campus, social media connections, and (eventually) a blog with contributions from faculty, students, and staff designed to encourage further reflection and conversation about leadership-related topics.

Leadership Courses

Faculty and staff across campus are supporting students’ leadership development through courses and experiential learning such as freshman seminars, community-based leadership courses, and graduate coursework.