Husky Leadership Initiative

Emerging Leaders Retreat

Are you hoping to explore your your leadership potential? Are you hoping to make more connections and make an impact during the rest of your time at the UW? Consider this unique opportunity.

This off-campus weekend retreat is designed to help students:

  • Build connections and relationships with other students
  • Explore ways in which to define and practice leadership
  • Develop strategies for transforming communities at the UW
  • Challenge themselves through experiential exercises in teamwork (both indoor and outdoor!)



Dates: TBD for 2017-18 year

Cost: The Emerging Leaders Retreat (retreat, meals, lodging) will be free for all participants. 

Audience: We consider an emerging leader to be somebody who is still discovering their leadership potential and is somebody who is hoping to make an impact on their on and off-campus communities. You can explain these pieces in more detail in your application.
This retreat is designed for undergraduate students.

Questions? Email us at