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Husky Leadership Initiative

Husky Leadership Conference

The Husky Leadership Conference is a one-day conference designed for UW students to develop their leadership skills through a series of workshops and sessions with leaders from the UW and community at large. Each year, conference organizers solicit proposals for workshops addressing the learning objectives identified by the Husky Leadership Initiative as important attributes for effective and socially-responsible leaders.

Information on this year’s conference can be found below:

Husky Leadership Conference 2017: Friday, April 21 (3:00 – 6:00 p.m.)
Check-In: Mary Gates Hall Commons

Keynote Speaker Holli Martinez, Sr. Director, Head of Diversity & Inclusion, T-Mobile

Closing reception with recent UW alumni (See full list here)


Breakout Sessions (for full descriptions click here)
Offered from 3:35- 4:00, 4:05-4:30, 4:35- 5:00
Presenter(s) Session Title
Liz Rampolla, Starbucks Cultural Intelligence: How to Effectively Work & Relate Across Different Cultural Contexts
Priya Saxena & Laurne Terasaki, UW Food Pantry Hungry for Change: Food Insecurity in Higher Education Institutes 
Cicero Delfin, Kelly ECC Awoke Activist: Attentive Self-Care and Social Justice
Tina Adelstein, Career & Internship Center Leadership at Work 


Student Roundtable Sessions

Leading Yourself First, then Others

Privilege & Intersectionality

Bridging the Gap Between International and Domestic Students

Failure & Resilience


starbucks RStarbucks is dedicated to the development of student leaders and is a proud supporter of the Husky Leadership Conference.