Husky Leadership Initiative

Husky Leadership Conference Session Descriptions

Breakout Sessions (will run every 30 minutes from 3:35 – 5:00)

Cultural Intelligence: How to Effectively Work and Relate Across Different Cultural Contexts
Liz Rampolla, Starbucks
MGH 231

In today’s ever changing world it’s more important than ever to effectively communicate across different cultures. In this session we will explore the importance of Cultural Intelligence -the drive to learn more, the importance of understanding different cultures, and the importance of developing a strategy and action for effectively working across cultures.

Hungry for Change: Food Insecurity in Higher Education Institutes
Priya Saxena & Laurne Terasaki, UW Food Pantry
MGH 171E

With the high cost of living and learning, food insecurity is a growing issue on college campuses around the country, including the University of Washington. Whether it’s skipping meals, eating small/unsatisfactory meals, or not buying groceries in order to save money, an estimated 15-25% of students face food insecurity on a monthly basis. In this session, we’ll discuss what food insecurity is, the factors that contribute to it, and ways that the University of Washington is addressing it, including the Any Hungry Husky initiative. Participants will discuss large societal issues related to food insecurity and learn how they can become more engaged in their community through volunteerism, food justice activism, and education.

Awoke Activist: Attentive Self-Care and Social Justice
Cicero Delfin, Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center
MGH 251

When it comes to advocating for social justice and practicing self-care, it is almost mythical and elusive to find any balance between the two. This session aims to provide a means for participants to explore self-care techniques, reaffirm their values on social justice and activism, and explore why the common answer to the question of “How are you?”, is “I’m Tired.”

Leadership at Work
Tina Adelstein, Career & Internship Center
Career & Internship Center Lobby

What if your campus job or volunteer role has little or nothing to do with the kind of profession or career that you aspire to? Luckily for you, employers are hiring for skills and competencies, not your past job title. We’ll discuss the value of your work and chart out the ways you’ve demonstrated leadership on the job. We’ll use a hands-on tool to learn how to effectively share your skills with future employers.

Student Roundtable Discussions

These sessions will run concurrently with our breakout sessions, and will be an informal space for student-led discussion on the following topics: 

4:05 – 4:30

Leading Yourself First, then Others
Jaylen Willingham

Privilege and Intersectionality
Dylan Tran


4:35 – 5:00

Bridging the Gap Between International and Domestic Students
Diana Park

Failure & Resilience
Collin Frietzche