Husky Leadership Initiative

Learning Leadership Theory and Practice

Have you been thinking about how you can engage at UW and develop your own leadership potential?

We are looking for students—those who would call themselves leaders and those who don’t yet—to enroll in this course that aims to increase their leadership identity and leadership confidence.  This is the only skills-based leadership course that is open to any first year, second year or transfer student in any major at the UW.  Using a combination of large lectures, personalized assessment tools, small leadership labs facilitated by amazing student and staff leaders, our aim is to give students a customized experience of self-reflection and connection to others to accelerate their authentic leadership development.

Course details

  • Course number:  BA 391/GEN ST 301/ENGR 202
  • Offered Win 2018 | Wednesdays 3:30-5:20 p.m.
  • 3 credits (CR/NC)
  • Size of class: 240 students
  • Course fee: $25 (for customized student leadership assessments)

Instructor:  Dr. Christina Fong, Principal Lecturer, Foster School of Business


This course is made possible through a partnership between the Husky Leadership Initiative, the Foster School of Business and the Center for Leadership and Strategic Thinking.