Husky Leadership Initiative


Below are some of our frequently asked questions about the Husky Leadership Certificate. If any of your questions are not answered here, feel free to email us at

Who is this program for?
The Husky Leadership Certificate is designed for undergraduate students in their senior & 5th year at the UW. Much of the work of the program is centered on reflection, and it is because of this that we target students who are in their final years at the university. At this time, the program is geared toward undergraduate students, though we are investigating ways to meaningfully engage the graduate student community.

Who are the mentors that students are paired with? Can I pick my own mentor?
We have a fantastic pool of mentors that are from the UW faculty, staff, and alumni communities. Mentors submit interest forms and we get some information about their areas of expertise and personal passions before matching them with students. Students and mentors can indicate if they have a preferred match on their applications and we will do our best to meet that need.

What is the time commitment?
Throughout the course of HLC, students will spend their time on:

  • HLC Class (1.5 hour per week, either online or in person)
  • Homework assignments
  • Meetings with mentors (2 times a month is recommended)
  • Portfolio development

In our feedback from previous cohorts, students spend an average of 20-40 hours outside of class on the HLC process.

I want to participate in this program, but can’t/do not want to add another credit. What do I do? 

In this case, you are welcome to audit the course (either online or in person), and should communicate this need to the HLC staff ( once you’ve been accepted to the program. Students who audit the course are still required to complete all of the assignments that are a part of the course curriculum.

When do I enroll in the course? 

Students that have been accepted to the program will be moved forward to the next phase of the application, which includes a commitment form. This form includes a question about your preferred course section. At that point, you will be emailed the appropriate add code for the course.

Does the certificate go on my transcript?
No. The Husky Leadership Certificate program is a recognition program, but is not one that will go on your official university transcript. However, students who complete the program will be awarded a certificate along with a stole to wear at Commencement.

I don’t know how to build a website. Will we get help with this?
Yes! During the winter quarter class, we will talk about how to make the website process as easy as possible and will present you with several different options for hosting sites.