Husky Leadership Initiative

2021 Leadership Firesides, GEN ST 391M

The Community Engagement and Leadership Education Center’s Husky Leadership Initiative is excited to offer the Leadership Firesides course in Spring Quarter 2021.

The Leadership Firesides series offer ongoing opportunities for students to engage in meaningful dialogue with a diverse range of civic, corporate and campus leaders in an informal setting. The theme for this quarter’s course is Leadership in a Time of Disillusionment. The invited leaders will share their personal journeys, perspectives on leadership and lessons they have learned about working with others towards positive changes. This course will offer students an opportunity to take a deep dive into the Firesides series and apply these lessons to their own lives.  Registered students will attend the weekly Leadership Firesides, participate in an introductory session (Week 1) and a closing session (Week 10) and submit weekly written reflections.

To register: No add code required.  Register for GEN ST 391M (SLN 21154) .  1 credit (CR/NC).  This synchronous class will be offered via remote learning on Thursdays from  4:30-5:30 p.m. via Zoom.